Merging loans? Smart plan!

What is aggregate loans?

What is aggregate loans?

If you want to aggregate your loans – also known as regrouping of loans – does that mean that you only have 1 credit left? Roughly, although this is not a black and white story. Apart from that, assume that you have a few outstanding credits. And you wish to add a new one. But then you have to determine that you have lost control of your repayments. And that you no longer see the administrative forest through the trees. After all, many people – families, but also singles and cohabiting partners – have one or more loans. Think of a mortgage, a green energy loan or other financial products. This varies, but everyone has the same wish: to avoid disorder. Under the guise of ‘better prevention than cure’, we think along with you. See

Your credit institution can arrange the aggregation of all your loans. All credits are combined into 1 new loan. This gives you a clear helicopter view of the status of your repayment plan. A big advantage, because interest will also fall.

So tell us, what’s stopping you from borrowing more efficiently ? “Not all of my credits are with the same bank,” you may sputter. Yet there is also a solution for this: buy off your loan! There are minimal costs involved, but even then, regrouping loans is a smart step forward.

Regrouping your loans?

Regrouping your loans?

This is useful if…

  • You have several current credits
  • If you want to pay less costs for your current loans
  • You want to reduce or adjust the monthly repayment amount
  • You want a clear view of all your current loans

Smart borrowing? That means pooling your loans. But what about the fork in the stem? When you submit a request to your credit institution, it will conduct a thorough investigation. With the necessary analyzes, they can provide tailor-made advice. She also checks the amount you repay each month. And that for every loan, which immediately gives you a clear view. If you really want to be prepared, you can map out your credits in advance. Don’t lose sight of this: revolving loans, personal credits and other installment credits are also included. Merge them with your credit cards, mail order credits, and any lease formulas and contracts.

Understanding these elements will give you more than 1 benefit. Because that speeds up the analysis for your sofa and provides the necessary comfort. Your credit institution will also visualize your ability to repay the loans. Know that she has the right to check financial information – such as your wages. Finally, she puts a proposal or quote on the table for the aggregation of your loans.

Do you want expert advice? Fully tailored to your financial situation? Contact the Good Finance today! We attach great importance to your needs and expectations: we understand them better than anyone. That is why we advise you and assist you in your search for the most economical solution. As long as it benefits you. Because with the right approach, merging loans becomes a piece of cake and more transparent than ever. So don’t hesitate and immediately take advantage of the many benefits that this financial strategy offers for your loans. Request your proposal!

Whether all this is possible with any loan? It is important to remember that every financial institution has certain conditions. Nevertheless, we at the Good Finance assure you of a fair approach, in which transparent communication is evident. Simply because we want you to get the most out of your finances!

What if you do nothing?

You currently have one or more credits in progress. If you decide to just take out a new one, you may get a long list of loans. And there are certain risks involved:

  • Your monthly costs increase, which you naturally want to avoid
  • You can perfectly – and that is also the danger – withdraw previous repayments of a revolving loan. Result: you will pay more interest and the amount due will continue to rise
  • Rates, interests, modalities and others differ per credit. Sometimes the main features are so different that you lose the structure

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