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Pakistani Information and Broadcasting Minister Fawad Chaudhry claimed Pakistan was the Taliban’s biggest victim, as he dismissed claims the country worked with the group. The NGO Human Rights Watch says trucks have traveled between Pakistan and Afghanistan since 2001 carrying weapons to help support the Taliban and that Pakistan has helped train and fund members. Mr. Chaudhry was asked if these concerns were behind the decision to exclude them from an emergency UN meeting on Afghanistan, at which he bluntly said the decision was up to India. who chaired the meeting and had bad relations with Pakistan.

Speaking on Sky News, Mr. Chaudhry was asked whether Pakistan’s exclusion from an emergency UN council meeting was due to “skepticism” about the country’s relations with the Taliban.

Colonel Richard Kemp, a former British commander, told a virtual conference that Pakistan “created the Taliban, funded the Taliban and supported the Taliban”.

He adds that many of the weapons used by the Taliban were acquired in Pakistan on the black market, but their rise would pose problems for neighboring countries.

Mr Chaudhry responded to those concerns and said India was to blame for the exclusion, alluding to the bad blood between the two nations.

He added: “Well, frankly, the reason Pakistan was not invited to the UN Security Council is because India is hosting the UNSC.

“Under [the UN Charter], any country affected by events in the country has the right to speak to the UNSC.

“And it is regrettable that Pakistan, which is the most affected of this decade [of conflict] was not invited.

“It is the loss of the United Nations and the loss of the people concerned …

In July, Chinese delegates met with representatives of the Taliban to discuss future plans as China prepares to accept the group as leaders of Afghanistan.

Mr. Chaudhry then raised concerns that Pakistan might be too close to the Taliban, hence their exclusion from the right to speak to the UN about their takeover.

He explained: “Pakistan is the biggest victim in this whole story, we have [thousands of fatalities], we have lost billions of dollars in this whole regime.

“Osama bin Laden was captured here in Pakistan, but one need only look at the contributions Pakistan made to this war…

“We are in fact the ones who have suffered the most.

It was then pointed out to Mr. Chaudhry that it was rather the Afghan people who suffered the most in less than 20 years of hostilities.

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